Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer psychic readings or Reiki sessions?

This is a gift I believe should be shared with those who need it most. I do not currently charge anything for readings. I am Reiki-certified and offer in-person and remote Reiki and medium sessions (at no charge) for friends and family. 


Do you just connect with people? What about your relationship with animals?

While I do have the ability to connect with animals, I prefer those with (or who once possessed!) two legs. [Read: my thing is people!]

What tools do you use to connect with the other side?

I possess four clairs: clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. On occasion, I’ve been allowed to see people’s guardian angels or the divine ‘little helpers’ all around us. 

I generally do not use tarot cards or do much psychometry (where you can pull a reading from a physical object). I enjoy clearing my space with white candles, asking protection from my spirit guides and then channeling a message via my four clairs. I am also a big believer in saging my home and my space as needed. 

Can you read everyone?

Nope! First of all, I always ask permission to deliver a message from the other side to a person.  This process respects the living, the deceased and the universe as a whole. 

And some people can’t be read or sometimes messages for them aren’t available from the other side. This is usually because there’s a ‘blockage’ on one side or the other. 

I also only communicate with souls who are with God/in the white light. This is a personal choice of mine, but I have heard of many psychic mediums (whose talents who have been more refined than mine) who choose to work with souls outside of this realm.